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Brazen plant combination

Crocus combinations Open border plan A pure contrast of leaf colours and shapes. The large, serated silver leaves of the honey bush will hover above the upright blue oat grass, while the front of the border issoft and rounded with the plum coloured foliage of the veronica.
Planting tips: Cut back the old stems of the Honey Bush to the ground if they get leggy and start collapsing, and protect the tender crowns with a deep, dry mulch of straw or bracken in the winter. The oat grass can be left to create a dramatic silhouette during the winter, but you should remove the dead foliage by early spring.
You will need a sunny border measuring 4m x 2.5m.

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Melianthus major

honey bush

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Helictotrichon sempervirens

blue oat grass

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Hebe 'Champagne'


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