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Drosera capensis

cape sundew

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    • Position: bright filtered or direct sunlight
    • Soil: fertile: a specialist carnivous compost
    • Rate of growth: average
    • Hardiness: tender (indoors only)
    • Current height: approximately 20cm (including pot)

      The easiest of all the sundews to grow, the leaves wrap themselves arround smaller houseflies midges and mosiquitos. An ideal starter plant much easier to grow than the venus flytrap. (An ideal plant to grow with other houseplants where small flies can live on the compost.)

    • Home care: This carnivorous plant should be watered from below during the growing season. The easiest way to do this is to stand the pot in a saucer that is filled with 1cm of soft water. Ideally the pot and water-filled saucer should be kept on a tray of gravel as this will help keep the humidity high. When the plant is dormant, water only when the compost gets dry, making sure the excess can drain away freely. Pot on in spring using a specialist compost.

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