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Saxifraga collection

saxifrage collection

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  • Position: full sun with a little shade during the hottest part of the day
  • Soil: freely draining in winter, but able to hold some moisture during the warmer months
  • Hardiness: frost hardy to fully hardy

    Saxifrage are a wonderful and diverse group of plants, and this collection is a great way to start off a collection. Each plant in the 6-pack is un-named, but all six will be different. As they are all un-labelled however, we are not able to specify which ones will be sent out in a particular order. These are great little plants though, and they can either be potted up or planted out into an alpine bed. They can be planted between paving slabs, or gaps in dry stone walls, where their spring, summer or autumn flowers and attractive foliage will soften the hard lines.

  • Garden care: Cut back spreading species after flowering. Water moderately when actively growing and avoid winter wet.

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