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Cobb cobblestones


available to order from summer
These cobblestones are safe and economical, making them the best choice for cooking on your Cobb BBQ.

The stones are made of coconut husk and will provide 2 hours of cooking time when used in a Cobb model. Complete ignition of cobblestones in 2 minutes and after this time they will be almost smoke free. Your BBQ will be ready to cook on after 5 minutes and these stones burn hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal.

Supplied in a pack of 6, with a built in firelighter.

Safety warnings:
  • Never ignite or use indoors, as risk from carbon monoxide
  • Store cobblestones in a cool dry place, away from any other inflammable items
  • After cooking, remove the dome and grill plate to allow the stones to burn out, away from children and animals
  • Be sure that the ashes have burnt out completely, before discarding in a refuse bin away from children and animals
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