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Felco cut and hold secateur - model 100


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  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Perfect for pruning roses and other flowers
  • Lifetime guarantee

No more pruning and picking up. These cut-and-hold secateurs are specially designed to hold onto stems once cut - the perfect pruning shears for roses and other flowers.

A modified version of Model No 11, the secateurs have grippers screw-mounted to the blades to stop cut stems falling – ideal for saving your back during long pruning sessions.

The sturdy handles are forged from lightweight aluminium, with a cushion shock absorber for comfort and a non-slip coating for a secure grip.

The blades are made from hardened steel for a crisp, sharp cut, and the toothed centre nut lets you align them perfectly for maximum precision. Dual blade-opening settings let you tailor the secateurs for bigger or smaller cuts, making them suitable for hardwood as well as branches and flowers.

The blades feature a sap groove to stop them sticking and remove debris when cutting sappy stems, and a handy wire-cutting notch to protect the cutting blade when trimming wire.

All parts are replaceable, so your secateurs can always stay strong and sharp. A safety catch keeps the secateurs securely locked when not in use.

Felco secateurs are precision-made in Switzerland. Every pair is subjected to over 100 quality control processes, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Please note: it is an offence to sell knives and other cutting tools to persons under the age of 18 years.
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