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Galvanised tray


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  • Tough and rust-resistant
  • Attractive lacquered finish
  • Prevents moisture stains

Created to pair with our galvanised round pots and planters, these sturdy trays are made from the same robust galvanised steel finished with a protective clear lacquer.

Each tray allows generous space around its partner pot to act as a reservoir to keep plants well hydrated. Also helps protect patios, balconies and other porous surfaces against moisture stains.

W13cm x H4cm (base W11cm)
W16cm x H4.5cm (base W13.5cm)
W18cm x H4.5cm (base W15.5cm)
W23cm x H5.5cm (base W20cm)
W28cm x H5.5cm (base W24.5cm)
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