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Glazed ceramic toad house


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Toads are handy to have around the garden and they should be encouraged as their favourite foods are slugs and snails. They can also catch insects like spiders, flies and mosquitoes with their sticky tongues. Larger toads also prey on slow worms, small grass snakes and harvest mice, which are swallowed alive! They come in a variety of different colours including dark brown, grey, olive, terracotta or sandy coloured, with a grey-white underside and they can live up to 40 years. The male is smaller than the female.

Toads can sometimes be seen in the daytime following rainfall, but they are generally nocturnal and are especially active on rainy nights. They don't need to live near a pond or stream, apart from during their breeding season, but they do prefer a protected, moist and shady spot. During the day they will shelter under tree roots, stones and vegetation  unless they have superior accommodation - like this specially designed toad abode! 

Dimensions: 20cm width x 9.5cm depth x 10cm height

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