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Harcostar universal rain trap


£15.99 + -

A rain trap enables water to be diverted from your down pipe into your water butt. When the water butt is full, the rain trap will redirect water back down the down pipe.The rain trap connects to all 63mm, 68mm, 80mm, 100mm round down pipes, as well as 61mm sq and 65mm sq square down pipes. Thanks to the flexible connecting hose, your water butt doesn't have to be directly in front of a down pipe. Each rain trap comes with a 0.5m of flexible hose, so please measure up beforehand and if you need extra, order the length you need by clicking on longer length of connector hose (link below). Remember: hoses can't be joined together.

The colour (black or green) refers to the rain trap fitted on the downpipe the connector pipe is always in black.