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Heavy duty seed feeder


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  • Rust-resistant metal and polycarbonate
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to fill and clean

Attract a variety of bird species to the garden with this sturdy seed feeder. Made from die cast stainless steel alloy and tough polycarbonate, the feeder has four port holes to feed more birds at a time and stop feathers flying!

Four built-in perches allow birds to feed in comfort, and the raised base inside makes it easier for them to reach the last bit of seed to reduce wastage. The top and base can be easily removed with the hex key provided for cleaning and refilling.

Holds approximately 600g seed, and is best used with whole seeds as smaller items like sunflower hearts may fall through the holes.

Complies with all the BSA (Birdcare Standards Association) specifications.

W14.5cm (including perches) x H33cm

Please note: cleaning brush is not included.