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Hedgehog house


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Hedgehogs will eat almost anything they come across in the garden, though they prefer beetles, worms and slugs. So why have a hedgehog house? Well apart from the fact that they will help keep the slug population down, only 75% of hedgehogs survive from one year to the next. This is usually due to insufficient safe habitat, though other reasons include the use of poison, slug pellets, general pesticides, strimmers and bonfires.

The hedgehog house is made from durable timbers with a double skinned roof for insulation and weather protection. The timber floor is raised to keep the damp out and the house can withstand crushing and strimming. Also the specially constructed entrance porch will help deter predators.

The best place to site your hedgehog house is in a quiet position out of prevailing winds and in an area with some cover. Pile leaves and short grass around the house plus a few handfulls of short dry grass and leaves inside to initiate a nest. Hopefully local hedgehogs will move in soon.

Measures 40cm wide x 35cm deep x 20cm high.

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