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Hedgehog pot


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This hedgehog house is designed to give those little visitors in your garden a warm, safe and dry environment in which to nest. This house is made from hand thrown terracotta which makes it very durable and will protect the hedgehogs from crushing and strimming.

The best place to site your hedgehog house is in a quiet position out of prevailing winds and in an area with some cover. Pile leaves and short grass around the house with a few handfuls of short dry grass and leaves placed inside to initiate a nest. Hopefully local hedgehogs will move in soon.


  • Height: 16cm
  • Width: 33cm
  • Hole diameter: 11.5cm

  • Each pot is fired to 1080 degrees C to make them as frost resistant as possible. However we would always suggest that, just to be extra safe, in the very cold months that you move them into a sheltered spot.
    Our pots are all hand thrown so each pot is slightly different in thickness and shape which gives them their unique character.

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