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slug killer

slug killer

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These nematodes (microscopic creatures) aggressively search out and attack slugs. They enter the slugs body through a hole behind their heads. Once inside they release a bacteria which stops the slug eating. The nematodes then start to reproduce inside, and, within 7-10 days, the slug is dead. The nematodes continue to reproduce as the body breaks down and this new population enters the soil and searches out new slugs to attack. This is a natural, non-toxic product that is safe for both users and wildlife. The nematodes stay active for 6 weeks, so a single dose protects plants when they are emerging in the spring and are at their most vulnerable.

Nematodes can only be used in late spring and summer when the soil has warmed up (to above 5°C). However they can be used all year round in glasshouses and conservatories. On heavy/waterlogged/clay soil the nematodes can find it difficult to move, so Nemaslug can be less effective in these conditions.

Please note this is a 'living' product. It is best to refrigerate this product when it arrives and use it as soon as possible. There will be a 'use before date' for optimal performance.

12 million Pack Treats 40 Sq Metres
30 million Pack Treats 100 Sq Metres

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