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Solar automatic watering system

Solar automatic watering system

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  • Efficient and eco-friendly - uses only rainwater and sun
  • Waters more in sunny weather
  • Uses up to 90% less water than a hose

The ultimate in low-maintenance gardening, this solar powered watering system keeps garden plants healthy and hydrated using only rainwater and the power of the sun.

The environmentally-friendly system fits to any water butt to provide automatic watering for up to 5 large hanging baskets or 12 x 20 litre pots - with no wires, hoses or mains connection.

Ideal for small-medium gardens or allotments, it can be used to water pots, new trees, growbags, vegetables, raised beds, hanging baskets and greenhouses.

It waters automatically every 3 hours and, as a solar powered unit, recognises and responds to changes in light intensity so plants are watered more in sunny weather. The volume of water can also be manually adjusted to suit individual watering needs, and liquid feed can be added to the water source if needed.

The kit can water up to 5m in height - ideal for hanging displays - and because the drip-feeding point is at soil level, there is no risk of scorching or burning foliage.

Kit includes: 1 x solar pump unit; 1 x anti-siphon device; 1 x inlet filter; 1 x water level sensor; 1 x 15m tube; 3 x AA batteries; 12 x each of drips, stakes and tees.
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