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Squirrel-proof seed feeder


£14.99 + -

  • Weight-activated shutter
  • Robust steel and aluminium
  • Endorsed by the BTO

Stop squirrels polishing off your bird seed with this clever feeder. As soon as the squirrel climbs on, its weight pulls down the outer protective sleeve to shut off the feed holes. Foiled!

Made from strong stainless steel and aluminium, the sides are tough enough to stop determined squirrels chewing through the sides.

Hang the feeder from a tree or other site where squirrels can only reach it from above and keep seed on the menu for your feathered visitors. Includes stainless steel wire for hanging.

Endorsed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) and complies with all the BSA (Birdcare Standards Association) requirements.

W8cm x H30cm
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