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Timelapse camera


£129.99 + -

  • Simple to set up
  • Works automatically
  • Weatherproof case

Create a high-speed film of the garden changing through the seasons, or watch in wonder as a landscaping project seems to transform the garden in minutes!

This digital time lapse camera captures hundreds of snapshots over time, with adjustable shooting intervals from every 30 seconds to once a day letting you control the speed of transformation you'll see on screen.

The camera is quick and easy to set up, with simple button navigation and automatic operation. The sturdy casing is weatherproof and lockable for maximum protection against the elements.

Includes tripod mount and mounting strap.

Technical specs:

Camera resolution - 8.0 megapixels
Photo resolution (JPG) - low 640 x 480; medium 1600 x 1200; high 2304 x 1728; enhanced 3200 x 2400
Timelapse intervals – 10/30sec; 1-30min; 1-24hr
Lens field of view – 40%
Focus distance – 15cm (6”) to infinity
Battery type (not included) – 8 x AA alkaline or lithium
Battery life – 6 months (approx)
Memory type – up to 32GB (compatible with Wi-Fi SD cards)
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