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Twig burning Ezystove


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This stove gives you the freedom to cook anywhere. It gives out over 2kw of heat and is three times more efficient than an open fire, producing a fraction of the smoky emissions and enabling you to cook a large meal with a handful of twigs. The heat is also adjustable by increasing or reducing the fuel supply.

This stove is sturdy and stable, suitable for a full size pot, kettle, frying pan or griddle; whatever you are cooking with. It is also lightweight, compact and easily stowed in the car or camper van, ready for outdoor meals, whenever you like.

The clever mix of insulation and air venting ensures an intense burn. Primary air is drawn up under the fuel and secondary air is drawn in over the fuel. The double walled stainless steel combustion chamber provides just the right environment for combustion.

So simple to use, all that's needed to begin cooking are a few twigs, the dryer the better. Just light a small fire inside the combustion chamber, then insert the sticks horizontally into the stove. Within a minute or two, the stove is ready for cooking. As the fuel burns, nudge the sticks in according to the intensity of the heat required.

Please note this stove is designed for outdoor use only. Use only outdoors or under well ventilated shelters. Do not use in tents or other enclosed spaces. Care should also be taken to protect grass and surfaces while using this stove and particularly for prolonged use.


  • Height: 30.5cm
  • Width top: 31cm
  • Width bottom: 33cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg

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